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Casino Bonus Requirements

Casino bonuses are the online casino industry's answer to the famed comps that are doled out in bricks-and-mortar casinos. They are provided in an effort to welcome new players or as a perk in order to retain loyalty. There are often requirements and limitations associated with them that are important for players to understand.

No-Deposit vs. Deposit Bonuses

When a player is provided with a casino signup bonus, it will either be a deposit or a no-deposit bonus. A deposit bonus means that the player is required to make a real-cash deposit into the casino account before the bonus is rewarded. A no-deposit bonus is exactly the opposite; players are not required to make an initial deposit before they earn this bonus. No-deposit bonuses are usually sticky bonuses that cannot be withdrawn and are designed to give players a bit of a 'trial' before signing up for an account.

Requirements and Game Limitations

Before a player can cash out or withdraw any of the bonuses provided by an online casino, they must first meet certain wagering requirements. Most of the time, players must wager a total of 20 times the amount of the initial bonus. This means that if the casino provided the player with a $50.00 signup bonus, the player must wager a total of $1,000.00 before this initial $50.00 can be withdrawn. On top of this, there are usually game limitations; this means that wagers on slots, blackjack, craps online, or other games with low house edges do not count toward fulfilling these wagering requirements.

Before a player makes a decision to sign up with a new online casino, they should first review the bonuses available as well as the requirements and limitations that come along with those bonuses. This will certainly give the player a better idea of how to earn the bonus and save some frustration later on down the line.